Samuel Adams Boston Ale

Samuel Adams¬Æ Boston Ale was first brewed to celebrate the opening of our Boston Brewery. Like Samuel Adams Boston Lager¬Æ, it was an old family recipe that was rescued by Jim Koch from his father’s attic. Samuel Adams¬Æ Boston Ale, a Stock Ale, has a complex, caramel malt character balanced with distinct spicy and herbal hop notes. Our proprietary ale yeast imparts a variety of fruit and ester notes in both the nose and flavor which are indicative of the style. Stock Ale, one of the few classic beer styles to have originated in the United States, has a strong New England heritage. The style draws its name from the cool “stock cellars” in which it was aged. This technique imparted a smoothness and body which became the hallmark of this style. Keeping with the Stock Ale style, Samuel Adams¬Æ Boston Ale is fermented at cooler almost lager like temperatures and conditioned much longer than most ales. It also is Krausened and dry hopped.

12oz Bottles (4/6 pack)
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