Magic Hat Vamplifier Hoppy Red Ale

VAMPLIFIER AN UNSTOPPABLE ANTHEM OF ALE Summoned by a shift in seasons, the Vamplifier appears with devious deeds in mind. Baring its sonic sound waves, it swoops down and crashes into glasses, striking palates with a big hop bite. Tastes are forever transformed, and the Vamplifier’s power increases with each sip while the sounds of soul-pleasing sighs fill the cooling skies. A medium-bodied resounding red ale with smooth caramel and toast malt flavors and a floral, fruity Hop bitterness. Malts: Pale, Cara Red, Bonlander Munich, Caramel 40L, Caramel 80L, Chocolate Hops: Cascade, Magnum Yeast: English Ale

12oz Bottles (2/12 pack)
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