Coppertail Independent Pilsner

Coppertail’s Independent Pilsner (5.1 ABV) is a traditional German Pilsner brewed with top quality Pilsen-style malted barley, German Fantasia and TNT hops, and lots of flavor. It features subtle bready notes, a crisp hop character and a clean finish. Most importantly, Independent Pilsner contains absolutely no rice, corn, syrups or other adjuncts. 6-Packs of Independent Pilsner will hit store shelves in the Tampa Bay area next week. Coppertail crafts flavorful beer for the Florida lifestyle. The brewing team, led by Brewmaster Casey Hughes, believes in time-honored, old-world production techniques. They utilize a natural carbonation process, use whole leaf hops and do not filter ‚Äì because amazing things come to those who wait.

12oz Bottles (4/6 pack)
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