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Craft Beer vs. Microbrew: What’s the Difference?

March 30th, 2018

Bell Beverage has developed a reputation as the go-to place for beer lovers. We carry over 1500 beer brands of all varieties. In this blog, we’d like to focus on two main types: craft beer vs. microbrew. These two kinds of beer are often used synonymously, but there are a couple of key differences we’ll explore.

Craft Beer

Craft beer is made by small breweries that aren’t controlled by any of the big beer companies. Sometimes these breweries are traditional, calling back to historically significant brewing methods. Other times they’re highly innovative and original, using unique ingredients and new fermentation methods. Every craft brewery works hard to develop its own distinctive flavor palate. Craft beer is entrepreneurial and creative. These are just a few of the reasons it has become so popular in the last few years. Examples

  1. Victory Brewing Co.
  2. Goose Island Brewing Co.
  3. Sweetwater Brewing Co.


So what’s the big difference? Microbreweries are also small breweries that use their size and beer savvy to produce great beers. They are both part of the American beer movement to resist mass production and focus on specialty brewing. Overall, the answer is simple. While a microbrewery could make craft beer, not all craft beer is made in a microbrewery. In order to be classified as a microbrewery, the cap on gallons produced per year is 460,000. On the other hand, a craft brewery can brew up to 2 million gallons. The other big difference is that craft breweries have strict ingredient guidelines, whereas microbreweries can be more experimental. A microbrewery can also be a craft brewery if it adheres to the same ingredient and technique standards. Examples

  1. Dock Street Brewery
  2. Dogfish Head
  3. Founders Brewing Co.

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