5 Beer Variety Packs to Make Any Party Better

February 22nd, 2018

Variety is the spice of life—or when it comes to beer variety packs, it’s the life of the party. Having a great beer selection is the best way to ensure any party is a hit. Choosing variety packs from trusted breweries will ensure all your guests find a beer they enjoy. It’s also a great opportunity to be adventurous and try something new!

Our Top 5 Beer Variety Packs

  • Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.

Named after the nearby creek, this brewing company takes local to the next level by brewing their beer with water straight from the Neshaminy. They’ve been winning Best of Philly awards since 2014 and specialize in brewing hoppy IPAs, American pale ale, and vienna style lager.

  • Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Great Lakes Brewing Co. has a reputation for making consistently great beers. Their year round beer includes a variety of lagers, ales, an IPA, Pilsner, and a Porter. Not to mention, they always have delicious and creative seasonal brews every few months.

  • Southern Tier Brewing Co.

This craft brewing company is located in Lakewood, NY, and their “pack-o-pales” should not be missed! From their lightest session ale to their well-known Double India Pale Ale, this pack is perfect for both the craft beer newbie or the seasoned drinker looking for a range of flavor.

  • Otter Creek Brewing Co.

Otter Creek Brewing in Middlebury, Vermont has been crafting creative brews since “acid-wash jeans were hip.” They’re known for their seasonal treats and innovative, hop-soaked ales and lagers, which make a delightful variety pack.

  • Yards Brewing Co.

Last but not least, Yards Brewing will always be a Philadelphia favorite. Whether you’re looking for something light and hoppy or something smooth and malt forward, Yards delivers a solid brew. They’re sure to please every kind of beer lover.

Want More Variety?

Bell Beverage has literally hundreds of other variety packs available, so if you’re party planning, swing by and try something new! Bell Beverage is located in South Philly at 2809 South Front St.